Some of our recent Competition Winners

Chirstmas Competition

1st Place: Anna Maree Menzies  
2nd Place: Hilary Ward              
3rd Place: Renee Ballantyne

Melbourne Cup

Our very own Survey Choice Sweep stakes on our Facebook page.

1st Place: Christine Anderson
2nd Place: Chris Adams
3rd Place: Gayle Vos



Our big October Competition - we asked Survey Choicers for their best Halloween costumes.

1st Place: Erin Egan – With her little vampire out hunting for treats
2nd Place: Kellie Baker – With the new Dr Who
3rd Place: Jason Williams – With Nature Boy spreading the message of recycling and caring for our environment 


Other Facebook Winners

Kylie McCormack
Debra McLauren
Gayle Vos
Marryl Donn
David Ross
Tracy Grayson
Caroline Gunnulson
Rebecca Roessen
Kathy Reimer
Karen James
Cathrine McIver
Veronica Adolphe